§ 52.533 Source surveillance.  

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  • The plan lacks test methods for several source categories. As required by §52.12(c)(1) of this part, EPA test methods (found at 40 CFR part 60) will be used by EPA to determine compliance with the following emission limiting standards:

    (a) Particulate emissions from citrus plants controlled by a scrubber and subject to the process weight table (submitted as 17-2.05(2) and reformatted as 17-2.610(1)1.a).

    (b) TRS emissions from recovery furnaces at kraft pulp mills (submitted as 17-2.05(6)D and reformatted as 17-2.600(4)1).

    (c) Sulfur dioxide emissions from fossil fuel steam sources (submitted as 17-2.05(6)E and reformatted as 17-2.600 (5) and (6)).

    (d) Emissions from portland cement plants (submitted as 17-2.05(6)F and reformatted as 17-2.600(7)).

    (e) Particulate and visible emissions from carbonaceous fuel burning equipment (submitted as 17-2.05(6)I and reformatted as 17-2.600(10)).

    [47 FR 32116, July 26, 1982]

[47 FR 32116, July 26, 1982