§ 52.784 Transportation and land use controls.  

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  • (a) To complete the requirements of subpart L and subpart G of this chapter, the Governor of Indiana must submit to the Administrator:

    (1) No later than April 15, 1973, transportation and/or land use control strategies and a demonstration that said strategies, along with Indiana's presently adopted stationary source emission limitations for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and the Federal Motor Vehicle Control Program, will attain and maintain the national standards for carbon monoxide and photochemical oxidants (hydrocarbons) in the Metropolitan Indianapolis Intrastate Region by May 31, 1975. By such date (April 15, 1973), the State also must submit a detailed timetable for implementing the legislative authority, regulations, and administrative policies required for carrying out the transportation and/or land use control strategies by May 31, 1975.

    (2) No later than July 30, 1973, the legislative authority that is needed for carrying out such strategies.

    (3) No later than December 30, 1973, the necessary adopted regulations and administrative policies needed to implement such strategies.

    [38 FR 7326, Mar. 20, 1973, as amended at 51 FR 40676, Nov. 7, 1986]