§ 60.1240 How do I make sure my continuous emission monitoring systems are operating correctly?  

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  • (a) Conduct initial, daily, quarterly, and annual evaluations of your continuous emission monitoring systems that measure oxygen (or carbon dioxide), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides (Class I municipal waste combustion units only), and carbon monoxide.

    (b) Complete your initial evaluation of the continuous emission monitoring systems within 60 days after your municipal waste combustion unit reaches the maximum load level at which it will operate, but no later than 180 days after its initial startup.

    (c) For initial and annual evaluations, collect data concurrently (or within 30 to 60 minutes) using your oxygen (or carbon dioxide) continuous emission monitoring system, your sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or carbon monoxide continuous emission monitoring systems, as appropriate, and the appropriate test methods specified in table 3 of this subpart. Collect the data during each initial and annual evaluation of your continuous emission monitoring systems following the applicable performance specifications in appendix B of this part. table 4 of this subpart shows the performance specifications that apply to each continuous emission monitoring system.

    (d) Follow the quality assurance procedures in Procedure 1 of appendix F of this part for each continuous emission monitoring system. The procedures include daily calibration drift and quarterly accuracy determinations.