§ 60.1845 What records must I keep for stack tests?  

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  • For stack tests required under §60.1775, you must keep records of four items:

    (a) The results of the stack tests for eight pollutants or parameters recorded in the appropriate units of measure specified in table 2 or 4 of this subpart:

    (1) Dioxins/furans.

    (2) Cadmium.

    (3) Lead.

    (4) Mercury.

    (5) Opacity.

    (6) Particulate matter.

    (7) Hydrogen chloride.

    (8) Fugitive ash.

    (b) Test reports including supporting calculations that document the results of all stack tests.

    (c) The maximum demonstrated load of your municipal waste combustion units and maximum temperature at the inlet of your particulate matter control device during all stack tests for dioxins/furans emissions.

    (d) The calendar date of each record.