§ 60.2515 What must I include in my State plan?  

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  • (a) You must include the nine items described in paragraphs (a)(1) through (9) of this section in your state plan:

    (1) Inventory of affected CISWI units, including those that have ceased operation but have not been dismantled;

    (2) Inventory of emissions from affected CISWI units in your state;

    (3) Compliance schedules for each affected CISWI unit;

    (4) Emission limitations, operator training and qualification requirements, a waste management plan, and operating limits for affected CISWI units that are at least as protective as the emission guidelines contained in this subpart;

    (5) Performance testing, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements;

    (6) Certification that the hearing on the state plan was held, a list of witnesses and their organizational affiliations, if any, appearing at the hearing, and a brief written summary of each presentation or written submission;

    (7) Provision for state progress reports to EPA;

    (8) Identification of enforceable state mechanisms that you selected for implementing the emission guidelines of this subpart; and

    (9) Demonstration of your state's legal authority to carry out the sections 111(d) and 129 state plan.

    (b) Your state plan may deviate from the format and content of the emission guidelines contained in this subpart. However, if your state plan does deviate in content, you must demonstrate that your state plan is at least as protective as the emission guidelines contained in this subpart. Your state plan must address regulatory applicability, increments of progress for retrofit, operator training and qualification, a waste management plan, emission limitations, performance testing, operating limits, monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting, and air curtain incinerator requirements.

    (c) You must follow the requirements of subpart B of this part (Adoption and Submittal of State Plans for Designated Facilities) in your state plan.