§ 60.4123 Hg budget permit contents and term.  

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  • (a) Each Hg Budget permit will contain, in a format prescribed by the permitting authority, all elements required for a complete Hg Budget permit application under §60.4122.

    (b) Each Hg Budget permit is deemed to incorporate automatically the definitions of terms under §60.4102 and, upon recordation by the Administrator under §§60.4150 through 60.4162, every allocation, transfer, or deduction of a Hg allowance to or from the compliance account of the Hg Budget source covered by the permit.

    (c) The term of the Hg Budget permit will be set by the permitting authority, as necessary to facilitate coordination of the renewal of the Hg Budget permit with issuance, revision, or renewal of the Hg Budget source's title V operating permit.