§ 60.4333 What are my general requirements for complying with this subpart?  

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  • (a) You must operate and maintain your stationary combustion turbine, air pollution control equipment, and monitoring equipment in a manner consistent with good air pollution control practices for minimizing emissions at all times including during startup, shutdown, and malfunction.

    (b) When an affected unit with heat recovery utilizes a common steam header with one or more combustion turbines, the owner or operator shall either:

    (1) Determine compliance with the applicable NOXemissions limits by measuring the emissions combined with the emissions from the other unit(s) utilizing the common heat recovery unit; or

    (2) Develop, demonstrate, and provide information satisfactory to the Administrator on methods for apportioning the combined gross energy output from the heat recovery unit for each of the affected combustion turbines. The Administrator may approve such demonstrated substitute methods for apportioning the combined gross energy output measured at the steam turbine whenever the demonstration ensures accurate estimation of emissions related under this part.