§ 60.441 Definitions and symbols.  

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  • (a) Except as otherwise required by the context, terms used in this subpart are defined in the Act, in subpart A of this part, or in this section as follows:

    Coating applicator means an apparatus used to apply a surface coating to a continuous web.

    Coating line means any number or combination of adhesive, release, or precoat coating applicators, flashoff areas, and ovens which coat a continuous web, located between a web unwind station and a web rewind station, to produce pressure sensitive tape and label materials.

    Coating solids applied means the solids content of the coated adhesive, release, or precoat as measured by Method 24.

    Flashoff area means the portion of a coating line after the coating applicator and usually before the oven entrance.

    Fugitive volatile organic compounds means any volatile organic compounds which are emitted from the coating applicator and flashoff areas and are not emitted in the oven.

    Hood or enclosure means any device used to capture fugitive volatile organic compounds.

    Oven means a chamber which uses heat or irradiation to bake, cure, polymerize, or dry a surface coating.

    Precoat means a coating operation in which a coating other than an adhesive or release is applied to a surface during the production of a pressure sensitive tape or label product.

    Solvent applied in the coating means all organic solvent contained in the adhesive, release, and precoat formulations that is metered into the coating applicator from the formulation area.

    Total enclosure means a structure or building around the coating applicator and flashoff area or the entire coating line for the purpose of confining and totally capturing fugitive VOC emissions.

    VOC means volatile organic compound.

    (b) All symbols used in this subpart not defined below are given meaning in the Act or in subpart A of this part.

    [48 FR 48375, Oct. 18, 1983, as amended at 65 FR 61761, Oct. 17, 2000]

[48 FR 48375, Oct. 18, 1983, as amended at 65 FR 61761, Oct. 17, 2000