§ 60.4840 What site-specific documentation is required and how often must it be reviewed by qualified operators and plant personnel?  

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  • (a) You must maintain at the facility the documentation of the operator training procedures specified under §60.4910(c)(1) and make the documentation readily accessible to all SSI unit operators.

    (b) You must establish a program for reviewing the information listed in §60.4910(c)(1) with each qualified incinerator operator and other plant personnel who may operate the unit according to the provisions of §60.4835(a), according to the following schedule:

    (1) The initial review of the information listed in §60.4910(c)(1) must be conducted within 6 months after the effective date of this subpart or prior to an employee's assumption of responsibilities for operation of the SSI unit, whichever date is later.

    (2) Subsequent annual reviews of the information listed in §60.4910(c)(1) must be conducted no later than 12 months following the previous review.