§ 60.5040 Are there any state plan requirements for this subpart that apply instead of the requirements specified in subpart B?  

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  • Yes. Subpart B establishes general requirements for developing and processing section 111(d) state plans. This subpart applies instead of the requirements in subpart B of this part, as specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section:

    (a) State plans developed to implement this subpart must be as protective as the emission guidelines contained in this subpart. State plans must require all SSI units to comply by the dates specified in §60.5035. This applies instead of the option for case-by-case less stringent emission standards and longer compliance schedules in §60.24(f).

    (b) State plans developed to implement this subpart are required to include two increments of progress for the affected SSI units. These two minimum increments are the final control plan submittal date and final compliance date in §60.21(h)(1) and (5). This applies instead of the requirement of §60.24(e)(1) that would require a state plan to include all five increments of progress for all SSI units.