§ 60.539a Who implements and enforces this subpart?  

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  • (a) Under section 111(c) of the Clean Air Act, the Administrator may delegate the following implementation and enforcement authority to a state, local or tribal authority upon request:

    (1) Enforcement of prohibitions on the installation and operation of affected wood heaters in a manner inconsistent with the installation and owner's manual;

    (2) Enforcement of prohibitions on operation of catalytic wood heaters where the catalyst has been deactivated or removed;

    (3) Enforcement of prohibitions on advertisement and/or sale of uncertified model lines;

    (4) Enforcement of prohibitions on advertisement and/or sale of affected heaters that do not have required permanent label;

    (5) Enforcement of proper labeling of affected wood heaters; and

    (6) Enforcement of compliance with other labeling requirements for affected wood heaters.

    (7) Enforcement of certification testing procedures;

    (8) Enforcement of requirements for sealing of the tested heaters and meeting parameter limits; and

    (9) Enforcement of compliance requirements of EPA-approved laboratories.

    (b) Delegations shall not include:

    (1) Decisions on certification;

    (2) Revocation of certification;

    (3) Establishment or revision of standards;

    (4) Establishment or revision of test methods;

    (5) Laboratory and third-party certifier approvals and revocations;

    (6) Enforcing provisions governing content of owner's manuals; and

    (7) Hearings and appeals procedures.

    (c) Nothing in these delegations will prohibit the Administrator from enforcing any applicable requirements.

    (d) Nothing in these delegations will limit delegated entities from using their authority under section 116 of the Clean Air Act to adopt or enforce more restrictive requirements.