§ 60.580 Applicability and designation of affected facility.  

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  • (a) The affected facility to which the provisions of this subpart apply is each rotogravure printing line used to print or coat flexible vinyl or urethane products.

    (b) This subpart applies to any affected facility which begins construction, modification, or reconstruction after January 18, 1983.

    (c) For facilities controlled by a solvent recovery emission control device, the provisions of §60.584(a) requiring monitoring of operations will not apply until EPA has promulgated performance specifications under appendix B for the continuous monitoring system. After the promulgation of performance specifications, these provisions will apply to each affected facility under paragraph (b) of this section. Facilities controlled by a solvent recovery emission control device that become subject to the standard prior to promulgation of performance specifications must conduct performance tests in accordance with §60.13(b) after performance specifications are promulgated.