§ 60.5820 What are my allowance tracking requirements?  

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  • (a) Your plan must include provisions for an allowance tracking system, if applicable, that meets the following requirements:

    (1) It electronically records the issuance of allowances, transfers of allowances among accounts, surrender of allowances by affected EGUs as part of a compliance demonstration, and retirement of allowances; and

    (2) It documents and provides electronic, internet-based public access to all information that supports the eligibility of eligible resources and issuance of set aside allowances, if applicable, and functionality to generate reports based on such information, which must include, for each set aside allowance, an eligibility application, EM&V plan, M&V reports, and independent verifier verification reports.

    (b) If approved in a State plan, an allowance tracking system may provide for transfers of allowances to or from another allowance tracking system approved in a State plan, or provide for transfers of allowances to or from an EPA-administered allowance tracking system used to administer a Federal plan.