§ 60.5825 What is the process for affected EGUs to demonstrate compliance in a mass-based program?  

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  • (a) A plan must require an affected EGU's owners or operators to demonstrate compliance with emission standards in a mass based program by holding an amount of allowances not less than the tons of total CO2 emissions for such compliance period from the affected EGUs in the account for the affected EGU's emissions in the allowance tracking system required under §60.5820 during the applicable compliance period.

    (b) In a mass-based trading program a plan may allow multiple affected EGUs co-located at the same facility to demonstrate that they are meeting the applicable emission standards on a facility-wide basis by the owner or operator holding enough allowances to cover the CO2 emissions of all the affected EGUs at the facility.

    (1) If there are not enough allowances to cover the facility's affected EGUs' CO2 emissions then there must be provisions for determining the compliance status of each affected EGU located at that facility.

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