§ 60.5830 What are the requirements for EM&V plans for eligible resources?  

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  • (a) If your plan requires your affected EGUs to meet their emission standards in accordance with §60.5790, your plan must include requirements that any EM&V plan that is submitted in accordance with the requirements of §60.5805, in support of the issuance of an ERC or set-aside allowance that can be used in accordance with §60.5790, must meet the EM&V criteria approved as part of your State plan.

    (b) Your plan must require each EM&V plan to include identification of the eligible resource.

    (c) Your plan must require that an EM&V plan must contain specific criteria, as applicable to the specific eligible resource.

    (1) For RE resources, your plan must include requirements discussing how the generation data will be physically measured on a continuous basis using, for example, a revenue-quality meter.

    (2) For demand-side EE, your plan must require that each EM&V plan quantify and verify electricity savings on a retrospective (ex-post) basis using industry best-practice EM&V protocols and methods that yield accurate and reliable measurements of electricity savings. Your plan must also require each EM&V plan to include an assessment of the independent factors that influence the electricity savings, the expected life of the savings (in years), and a baseline that represents what would have happened in the absence of the demand-side EE activity. Additionally, your plan must require that each EM&V plan include a demonstration of how the industry best-practices protocol and methods were applied to the specific activity, project, measure, or program covered in the EM&V plan, and include an explanation of why these protocols or methods were selected. EM&V plans must require eligible resources to demonstrate how all such best-practice approaches will be applied for the purposes of quantifying and verifying MWh results. Subsequent reporting of demand-side EE savings values must demonstrate and explain how the EM&V plan was followed.