§ 60.604 Reporting requirements.

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  • (a) The owner or operator of an affected facility shall submit a written report to the Administrator of the following:

    (1) The results of the initial performance test; and

    (2) The results of subsequent performance tests that indicate that VOC emissions exceed the standards in §60.602. These reports shall be submitted quarterly at 3-month intervals after the initial performance test. If no exceedances occur during a particular quarter, a report stating this shall be submitted to the Administrator semiannually.

    (b) Solvent-spun synthetic fiber producing facilities exempted from these standards in §60.600(a) (those producing less than 500 Mg (551 ton) annually) shall report to the Administrator within 30 days whenever extruded fiber for the preceding 12 calendar months exceeds 500 Mg (551 ton).

    (c) The requirements of this section remain in force until and unless EPA, in delegating enforcement authority to a State under section 111(c) of the Act, approves reporting requirements or an alternate means of compliance surveillance adopted by such State. In that event, affected sources within the State will be relieved of the obligation to comply with this section, provided that they comply with the requirements established by the State.

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