§ 60.740 Applicability and designation of affected facility.  

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  • (a) The affected facility to which the provisions of this subpart apply is each coating operation and any onsite coating mix preparation equipment used to prepare coatings for the polymeric coating of supporting substrates.

    (b) Any affected facility for which the amount of VOC used is less than 95 Mg per 12-month period is subject only to the requirements of §§60.744(b), 60.747(b), and 60.747(c). If the amount of VOC used is 95 Mg or greater per 12-month period, the facility is subject to all the requirements of this subpart. Once a facility has become subject to the requirements of this subpart, it will remain subject to those requirements regardless of changes in annual VOC use.

    (c) This subpart applies to any affected facility for which construction, modification, or reconstruction begins after April 30, 1987, except for the facilities specified in paragraph (d) of this section.

    (d) This subpart does not apply to the following:

    (1) Coating mix preparation equipment used to manufacture coatings at one plant for shipment to another plant for use in an affected facility (coating operation) or for sale to another company for use in an affected facility (coating operation);

    (2) Coating mix preparation equipment or coating operations during those times they are used to prepare or apply waterborne coatings so long as the VOC content of the coating does not exceed 9 percent by weight of the volatile fraction;

    (3) Web coating operations that print an image on the surface of the substrate or any coating applied on the same printing line that applies the image.

[63 FR 50435, Sept. 21, 1998