§ 60.746 Permission to use alternative means of emission limitation.  

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  • (a) If, in the Administrator's judgment, an alternative means of emission limitation will achieve a reduction in emissions of VOC from any emission point subject to §60.742(c) at least equivalent to that required by §60.742(b)(2) or §60.742(c), respectively, the Administrator will publish in the Federal Register a notice permitting the use of the alternative means. The Administrator may condition permission on requirements that may be necessary to ensure operation and maintenance to achieve the same emission reduction as specified in §60.742(b)(2) or §60.742(c), respectively.

    (b) Any notice under paragraph (a) of this section shall be published only after public notice and an opportunity for a public hearing.

    (c) Any person seeking permission under this section shall submit to the Administrator either results from an emission test that accurately collects and measures all VOC emissions from a given control device or an engineering evaluation that accurately determines such emissions.