Subpart VVa—Standards of Performance for Equipment Leaks of VOC in the Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry for Which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After November 7, 2006  

§ 60.480a Applicability and designation of affected facility.
§ 60.482-10a Standards: Closed vent systems and control devices.
§ 60.482-1a Standards: General.
§ 60.482-11a Standards: Connectors in gas/vapor service and in light liquid service.
§ 60.481a Definitions.
§ 60.483-1a Alternative standards for valves—allowable percentage of valves leaking.
§ 60.482-2a Standards: Pumps in light liquid service.
§ 60.483-2a Alternative standards for valves—skip period leak detection and repair.
§ 60.482-3a Standards: Compressors.
§ 60.484a Equivalence of means of emission limitation.
§ 60.482-4a Standards: Pressure relief devices in gas/vapor service.
§ 60.485a Test methods and procedures.
§ 60.482-5a Standards: Sampling connection systems.
§ 60.486a Recordkeeping requirements.
§ 60.482-6a Standards: Open-ended valves or lines.
§ 60.482-7a Standards: Valves in gas/vapor service and in light liquid service.
§ 60.487a Reporting requirements.
§ 60.488a Reconstruction.
§ 60.482-8a Standards: Pumps, valves, and connectors in heavy liquid service and pressure relief devices in light liquid or heavy liquid service.
§ 60.489a List of chemicals produced by affected facilities.
§ 60.482-9a Standards: Delay of repair.