Subpart A — Assignment of National Health Service Corps Personnel
§ 23.1 To what entities does this regulation apply?
§ 23.2 Definitions.
§ 23.3 What entities are eligible to apply for assignment?
§ 23.4 How must an entity apply for assignment?
§ 23.5 What are the criteria for deciding which applications for assignment will be approved?
§ 23.6 What are the criteria for determining the entities to which National Health Service Corps personnel will be assigned?
§ 23.7 What must an entity agree to do before the assignment is made?
§ 23.8 What operational requirements apply to an entity to which National Health Service Corps personnel are assigned?
§ 23.9 What must an entity to which National Health Service Corps personnel are assigned ( i.e. , a National Health Service Corps site) charge for the provision of health services by assigned personnel?
§ 23.10 Under what circumstances may a National Health Service Corps site's reimbursement obligation to the Federal Government be waived?
§ 23.11 Under what circumstances may the Secretary sell equipment or other property of the United States used by the National Health Service Corps site?
§ 23.12 Who will supervise and control the assigned personnel?
§ 23.13 What nondiscrimination requirements apply to National Health Service Corps sites?
Subpart B — Private Practice Special Loans for Former Corps Members
§ 23.21 Definitions.
§ 23.22 What is the purpose of a private practice loan?
§ 23.23 Who is eligible to receive a private practice option loan?
§ 23.24 In what amounts are loans made?
§ 23.25 How will interest rates for loans be determined?
§ 23.26 How is the loan repaid?
§ 23.27 What happens if scheduled payments are late?
§ 23.28 What events constitute default?
§ 23.29 What happens in the case of a default?
§ 23.30 May the loan be prepaid?
§ 23.31 May loan payments be postponed or waived?
§ 23.32 What conditions are imposed on the use of the loan funds?
§ 23.33 What security must be given for these loans?
§ 23.34 What other conditions are imposed?
§ 23.35 What criteria are used in making loans?
Subpart C — Private Startup Loans
§ 23.41 What conditions are applicable to loans under this subpart?


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45 FR 12790, Feb. 27, 1980, unless otherwise noted.