§ 23.8 What operational requirements apply to an entity to which National Health Service Corps personnel are assigned?  

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  • Each National Health Service Corps site must:

    (a) Operate a health care delivery system within a planned or existing community structure to assure:

    (1) The provision of high quality comprehensive health care;

    (2) To the extent feasible, full professional health care coverage for the health manpower shortage area;

    (3) Continuum of care; and

    (4) The availability and accessibility of secondary and tertiary health care (the two more sophisticated levels of health care beyond primary care);

    (b) Establish and maintain a patient record system;

    (c) Implement a system for maintaining the confidentiality of patient records;

    (d) Meet the requirements of applicable fire and safety codes;

    (e) Develop, to the extent feasible, linkages with other health care facilities for the provision of services which supplement or complement the services furnished by the assigned Corps personnel;

    (f) Operate a quality assurance system which meets the requirements of 42 CFR 51c.303(c) for the establishment and operation of a quality assurance system in a community health center; and

    (g) Establish basic data, cost accounting, and management information and reporting systems as prescribed by the Secretary.