Subpart A—General Provisions
§ 50.1 What is the purpose of this part?
§ 50.2 How will reestablishment of this formal government-to-government relationship occur?
§ 50.3 May the Native Hawaiian community reorganize itself based on island or other geographic, historical, or cultural ties?
§ 50.4 What definitions apply to terms used in this part?
Subpart B—Criteria for Reestablishing a Formal Government-to-Government Relationship
§ 50.10 What are the required elements of a request to reestablish a formal government-to-government relationship with the United States?
§ 50.11 What process is required in drafting the governing document?
§ 50.12 What documentation is required to demonstrate how the Native Hawaiian community determined who could participate in ratifying the governing document?
§ 50.13 What must be included in the governing document?
§ 50.14 What information about the ratification referendum must be included in the request?
§ 50.15 What information about the elections for government offices must be included in the request?
§ 50.16 What criteria will the Secretary apply when deciding whether to reestablish the formal government-to-government relationship?
Subpart C—Process for Reestablishing a Formal Government-to-Government Relationship
§ 50.20 How may a request be submitted?
§ 50.21 Is the Department available to provide technical assistance?
§ 50.30 What opportunity will the public have to comment on a request?
§ 50.31 What opportunity will the requester have to respond to comments?
§ 50.32 May the deadlines in this part be extended?
§ 50.40 When will the Secretary issue a decision?
§ 50.41 What will the Secretary's decision include?
§ 50.42 When will the Secretary's decision take effect?
§ 50.43 What does it mean for the Secretary to grant a request?
§ 50.44 How will the formal government-to-government relationship between the United States Government and the Native Hawaiian Governing Entity be implemented?