§ 78.12 Eligible types of projects.  

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  • The following types of projects are eligible for funding through FMA, providing they meet all other eligibility criteria.

    (a) Acquisition of insured structures and underlying real property in fee simple and easements restricting real property to open space uses.

    (b) Relocation of insured structures from acquired or restricted real property to non hazard-prone sites.

    (c) Demolition and removal of insured structures on acquired or restricted real property.

    (d) Elevation of insured residential structures in accordance with 44 CFR 60.3.

    (e) Elevation or dry floodproofing of insured non-residential structures in accordance with 44 CFR 60.3.

    (f) Other activities that bring an insured structure into compliance with the floodplain management requirements at 44 CFR 60.3.

    (g) Minor physical flood mitigation projects that reduce localized flooding problems and do not duplicate the flood prevention activities of other Federal agencies.

    (h) Beach nourishment activities.