§ 98.32 Parental complaints.  

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  • The State shall:

    (a) Establish or designate a hotline or similar reporting process for parents to submit complaints about child care providers;

    (b) Maintain a record of substantiated parent complains;

    (c) Make information regarding such parental complaints available to the public on request; and

    (d) The Lead Agency shall provide a detailed description in the Plan of how:

    (1) Complaints are substantiated and responded to, including whether or not the State uses monitoring as part of its process for responding to complaints for both CCDF and non-CCDF providers; and,

    (2) A record of substantiated complaints is maintained and is made available.

    [81 FR 67581, Sept. 30, 2016]

[81 FR 67581, Sept. 30, 2016