§ 98.51 Services for children experiencing homelessness.  

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  • Lead Agencies shall expend funds on activities that improve access to quality child care services for children experiencing homelessness, including:

    (a) The use of procedures to permit enrollment (after an initial eligibility determination) of children experiencing homelessness while required documentation is obtained;

    (1) If, after full documentation is provided, a family experiencing homelessness is found ineligible,

    (i) The Lead Agency shall pay any amount owed to a child care provider for services provided as a result of the initial eligibility determination; and

    (ii) Any CCDF payment made prior to the final eligibility determination shall not be considered an error or improper payment under subpart K of this part;

    (2) [Reserved]

    (b) Training and technical assistance for providers and appropriate Lead Agency (or designated entity) staff on identifying and serving children experiencing homelessness and their families; and

    (c) Specific outreach to families experiencing homelessness.

    [81 FR 67588, Sept. 30, 2016]

[81 FR 67588, Sept. 30, 2016