§ 2.1060 Equipment for use in the amateur radio service.  

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  • (a) The general provisions of §§2.925, 2.1031, 2.1033, 2.1041, 2.1043, 2.1051, 2.1053 and 2.1057 shall apply to applications for, and grants of, certification for equipment operated under the requirements of part 97 of this chapter, the Amateur Radio Service.

    (b) When performing the tests specified in §§2.1051 and 2.1053 of this part, the center of the transmitted bandwidth shall be within the operating frequency band by an amount equal to 50 percent of the bandwidth utilized for the tests. In addition, said tests shall be made on at least one frequency in each of the bands within which the equipment is capable of tuning.

    (c) Certification of external radio frequency power amplifiers may be denied when denial would prevent the use of these amplifiers in services other than the Amateur Radio Service.

    [63 FR 36601, July 7, 1998, as amended at 71 FR 66461, Nov. 15, 2006]