§ 2.1202 Exclusions.  

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  • The provisions of this subpart do not apply to the importation of:

    (a) Unintentional radiators that are exempted from technical standards and other requirements as specified in §15.103 of this chapter or utilize low level battery power and that do not contain provisions for operation while connected to AC power lines.

    (b) Radio frequency devices manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. that meet applicable FCC technical standards and that have not been modified or received further assembly.

    (c) Radio frequency devices previously properly imported that have been exported for repair and re-imported for use.

    (d) Subassemblies, parts, or components of radio frequency devices unless they constitute an essentially completed device which requires only the addition of cabinets, knobs, speakers, or similar minor attachments before marketing or use. This exclusion does not apply to computer circuit boards that are actually peripheral devices as defined in §15.3(r) of this chapter and all devices that, by themselves, are subject to FCC marketing rules.

    [82 FR 50830, Nov. 2, 2017]

[82 FR 50830, Nov. 2, 2017