§ 2.1205 Filing of required declaration.  

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  • (a) For points of entry where electronic filing with Customs has not been implemented, use FCC Form 740 to provide the needed information and declarations. Attach a copy of the completed FCC Form 740 to the Customs entry papers.

    (b)(1) For points of entry where electronic filing with Customs is available, submit the following information to Customs when filing the entry documentation and the entry summary documentation electronically. Follow procedures established by Customs for electronic filing.

    (i) The terms under which the device is being imported, as indicated by citing the import condition number specified in §2.1204(a).

    (ii) The FCC identifier as specified in §2.925, if the device has been granted an equipment authorization;

    (iii) The quantity of devices being imported, regardless of what unit is specified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States; and

    (iv) A commercial product description which is to include the trade name, a model/type number (or model/type name) and other descriptive information about the device being imported.

    (2) For importers unable to participate in the electronic filing process with Customs for good cause, declarations are to be made in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.

    [56 FR 26619, June 10, 1991, as amended at 64 FR 72572, Dec. 28, 1999]