§ 2.1507 Test frequencies.  

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  • Testing of an EPIRB for compliance outside a shielded room on a distress frequency is prohibited, since this may interfere with emergency communications. Therefore, all compliance testing outside a shielded room should be conducted on one of the pairs of alternate frequencies specified below:

    121.600/243.200 MHz

    121.650/243.300 MHz

    121.700/243.400 MHz

    121.750/243.500 MHz

    121.800/243.600 MHz

    121.850/243.700 MHz

    121.900/243.800 MHz

    The above frequencies are to be used for limited testing of EPIRBs for compliance with FCC Rules, subject to the following conditions:

    (a) The testing shall not cause harmful interference to authorized communications on these frequencies.

    (b) The testing shall be coordinated with the nearest FCC district office.

    For simplicity, 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz will be used throughout this test procedure to indicate the alternate test frequency.