§ 2.924 Marketing of electrically identical equipment having multiple trade names and models or type numbers under the same FCC Identifier.  

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  • The grantee of an equipment authorization may market devices having different model/type numbers or trade names without additional authorization, provided that such devices are electrically identical and the equipment bears an FCC Identifier validated by a grant of certification. A device will be considered to be electrically identical if no changes are made to the authorized device, or if the changes made to the device would be treated as class I permissive changes within the scope of §2.1043(b)(1). Changes to the model number or trade name by anyone other than the grantee, or under the authorization of the grantee, shall be performed following the procedures in §2.933.

    [80 FR 33441, June 12, 2015]

[80 FR 33441, June 12, 2015