§ 2.955 Retention of records.  

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  • (a) For each equipment subject to verification, the responsible party, as shown in §2.909 shall maintain the records listed as follows:

    (1) A record of the original design drawings and specifications and all changes that have been made that may affect compliance with the requirements of §2.953.

    (2) A record of the procedures used for production inspection and testing (if tests were performed) to insure the conformance required by §2.953. (Statistical production line emission testing is not required.)

    (3) A record of the measurements made on an appropriate test site that demonstrates compliance with the applicable regulations in this chapter. The record shall:

    (i) Indicate the actual date all testing was performed;

    (ii) State the name of the test laboratory, company, or individual performing the verification testing. The Commission may request additional information regarding the test site, the test equipment or the qualifications of the company or individual performing the verification tests;

    (iii) Contain a description of how the device was actually tested, identifying the measurement procedure and test equipment that was used;

    (iv) Contain a description of the equipment under test (EUT) and support equipment connected to, or installed within, the EUT;

    (v) Identify the EUT and support equipment by trade name and model number and, if appropriate, by FCC Identifier and serial number;

    (vi) Indicate the types and lengths of connecting cables used and how they were arranged or moved during testing;

    (vii) Contain at least two drawings or photographs showing the test set-up for the highest line conducted emission and showing the test set-up for the highest radiated emission. These drawings or photographs must show enough detail to confirm other information contained in the test report. Any photographs used must be focused originals without glare or dark spots and must clearly show the test configuration used;

    (viii) List all modifications, if any, made to the EUT by the testing company or individual to achieve compliance with the regulations in this chapter;

    (ix) Include all of the data required to show compliance with the appropriate regulations in this chapter; and

    (x) Contain, on the test report, the signature of the individual responsible for testing the product along with the name and signature of an official of the responsible party, as designated in §2.909.

    (4) For equipment subject to the provisions in part 15 of this chapter, the records shall indicate if the equipment was verified pursuant to the transition provisions contained in §15.37 of this chapter.

    (b) The records listed in paragraph (a) of this section shall be retained for two years after the manufacture of said equipment item has been permanently discontinued, or until the conclusion of an investigation or a proceeding if the manufacturer or importer is officially notified that an investigation or any other administrative proceeding involving his equipment has been instituted.

    [54 FR 17713, Apr. 25, 1989, as amended at 62 FR 10472, Mar. 7, 1997]