§ 2.956 FCC inspection and submission of equipment for testing.  

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    (a) Each responsible party shall upon receipt of reasonable request:

    (1) Submit to the Commission the records required by §2.955.

    (2) Submit one or more sample units for measurements at the Commission's Laboratory.

    (i) Shipping costs to the Commission's Laboratory and return shall be borne by the responsible party.

    (ii) In the event the responsible party believes that shipment of the sample to the Commission's Laboratory is impractical because of the size or weight of the equipment, or the power requirement, or for any other reason, the responsible party may submit a written explanation why such shipment is impractical and should not be required.

    (b) Requests for the submission of the records in §2.955 or for the submission of sample units are covered under the provisions of §2.946.

    [62 FR 10472, Mar. 7, 1997]

[62 FR 10472, Mar. 7, 1997