§ 252.226-7000 Notice of historically black college or university and minority institution set-aside.  

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  • As prescribed in 226.370—9(a), use the following clause:

    Notice of Historically Black College or University and Minority Institution Set-Aside (APR 1994)

    (a) Definitions. Historically black colleges and universities, as used in this clause, means institutions determined by the Secretary of Education to meet the requirements of 34 CFR 608.2. The term also means any nonprofit research institution that was an integral part of such a college or university before November 14, 1986.

    Minority institutions, as used in this clause, means institutions meeting the requirements of section 1046(3) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1135d–5(3)). The term also includes Hispanic-serving institutions as defined in section 316(b)(1) of such Act (20 U.S.C. 1059c(b)(1)).

    (b) General. (1) Offers are solicited only from historically black colleges or universities and minority institutions.

    (2) Any award resulting from this solicitation will be made only to an offeror which is a historically black college or university or a minority institution at the time of submission of its initial offer including price.

    (c) Agreements. The offeror will—

    (1) Perform at least 50 percent of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel with its own employees; and

    (2) Upon request by the Contracting Officer, provide evidence prior to award that the Secretary of Education has determined the offeror to be a historically black college or university or minority institution.

    (End of clause)

    [56 FR 36479, July 31, 1991, as amended at 59 FR 22131, Apr. 29, 1994; 70 FR 73150, Dec. 9, 2005]