Subpart A — General
§ 23.1 What are the objectives of this part?
§ 23.3 What do the terms used in this part mean?
§ 23.5 To whom does this part apply?
§ 23.7 Program reviews.
§ 23.9 What are the nondiscrimination and assurance requirements of this part for recipients?
§ 23.11 What compliance and enforcement provisions are used under this part?
§ 23.13 How does the Department issue guidance, interpretations, exemptions, and waivers pertaining to this part?
Subpart B — ACDBE Programs
§ 23.21 Who must submit an ACDBE program to FAA, and when?
§ 23.23 What administrative provisions must be in a recipient's ACDBE program?
§ 23.25 What measures must recipients include in their ACDBE programs to ensure nondiscriminatory participation of ACDBEs in concessions?
§ 23.27 What information does a recipient have to retain and report about implementation of its ACDBE program?
§ 23.29 What monitoring and compliance procedures must recipients follow?
Subpart C — Certification and Eligibility of ACDBEs
§ 23.31 What certification standards and procedures do recipients use to certify ACDBEs?
§ 23.33 What size standards do recipients use to determine the eligibility of ACDBEs?
§ 23.35 What is the personal net worth standard for disadvantaged owners of ACDBEs?
§ 23.37 Are firms certified under 49 CFR part 26 eligible to participate as ACDBEs?
§ 23.39 What other certification requirements apply in the case of ACDBEs?
Subpart D — Goals, Good Faith Efforts, and Counting
§ 23.41 What is the basic overall goal requirement for recipients?
§ 23.43 What are the consultation requirements in the development of recipients' overall goals?
§ 23.45 What are the requirements for submitting overall goal information to the FAA?
§ 23.47 What is the base for a recipient's goal for concessions other than car rentals?
§ 23.49 What is the base for a recipient's goal for car rentals?
§ 23.51 How are a recipient's overall goals expressed and calculated?
§ 23.53 How do car rental companies count ACDBE participation toward their goals?
§ 23.55 How do recipients count ACDBE participation toward goals for items other than car rentals?
§ 23.57 What happens if a recipient falls short of meeting its overall goals?
§ 23.59 What is the role of the statutory 10 percent goal in the ACDBE program?
§ 23.61 Can recipients use quotas or set-asides as part of their ACDBE programs?
Subpart E — Other Provisions
§ 23.71 Does a recipient have to change existing concession agreements?
§ 23.73 What requirements apply to privately-owned or leased terminal buildings?
§ 23.75 Can recipients enter into long-term, exclusive agreements with concessionaires?
§ 23.77 Does this part preempt local requirements?
§ 23.79 Does this part permit recipients to use local geographic preferences?
Appendix A to Part 23—Uniform Report of ACDBE Participation


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70 FR 14508, Mar. 22, 2005, unless otherwise noted.