§ 1773.20 The auditor's submission of the reporting package.  

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  • (a) Time limit. Within 90 days of the audit date, the auditor must deliver the reporting package to the auditee's governance board. At a minimum, copies should be provided for each member of the governance board and the manager. The auditor must also provide an electronic copy of the audit which meets the requirements of §1773.21 for subsequent transmittal to RUS.

    (b) Communication with the governance board. In addition to providing sufficient copies of the reporting package for each member of the auditee's governance board, RUS requires that the auditor report all audit findings to the auditee's governance board. RUS recommends that audit findings also be communicated orally unless oral communication would not be adequate. If the information is communicated orally, the auditor must document the communication by appropriate memoranda or notations in the audit documentation. If the auditor communicates in writing, a copy of the written communication must be included in the auditor's audit documentation.

    (c) Matters to be communicated. Matters communicated to those charged with governance must include, but are not limited to the matters to be communicated as prescribed in the AICPA's professional standards AU-C Section 260, “The Auditor's Communication with Those Charged with Governance”.