§ 1773.5 Qualifications of the auditor.  

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  • Auditors that meet the qualifications criteria of this section and enter into an audit engagement with the auditee that complies with §1773.6, will be considered satisfactory to RUS.

    (a) Licensing. Auditors that audit the financial statements of an RUS auditee must be licensed to perform attestation engagements in the United States of America. Auditors do not have to be licensed by the state in which the auditee is located; however, auditors must abide by the rules and regulations of professional conduct promulgated by the accountancy board of the state in which the auditee is located.

    (b) Independence. Auditors must be independent as determined by the standards for independence in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and in GAGAS in effect at the time of the audit.

    (c) Peer review requirement. Auditors must be enrolled and participating in a peer review program, and must have undergone a satisfactory peer review of their accounting and audit practice. The peer review must be in effect at the date of the audit report opinion.

    (1) Peer review reports. RUS reserves the right to request peer review reports from selected auditors.

    (2) Peer review requirements for new auditors. New auditing firms must meet the requirements of their state board of accountancy with regard to enrolling in a peer review program, timing of the first peer review, and any other peer review requirements.