84 FR (01/18/2019) Book View

1. Notice

2. Rule

  • Transportation Department
    • Federal Aviation Administration
      • 2019-00078. Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Airplanes
        • We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for The Boeing Company Model 787-8 airplanes powered by Rolls-Royce plc (RR) Trent 1000-A (including -A/01 and -A/01A), Trent 1000-AE (including - AE/01A), Trent 1000-C (including -C/01 and -C/01A),...
        • Published Date: 1/18/2019
  • Veterans Affairs Department
    • 2018-28350. VA Claims and Appeals Modernization
      • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) amends its claims adjudication, appeals, and Rules of Practice of the Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board) regulations. In addition, this rule revises VA's regulations with respect to accreditation of attorneys,...
      • Published Date: 1/18/2019

3. Presidential Document