79 FR (01/28/2014) Book View

1. Notice

2. Proposed Rule

3. Rule

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Housing Finance Agency
    • 2014-01364. Golden Parachute Payments
      • The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is issuing a final regulation amending the Golden Parachute Payments regulation that was published in the Federal Register on January 29, 2009. This final rule amendment (final rule) addresses prohibited and …
      • Published Date: 1/28/2014
  • Homeland Security Department
    • Coast Guard
      • 2014-01562. Safety Zone; BWRC Southwest Showdown Three; Parker, AZ
        • The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone within the Lake Moolvalya region of the navigable waters of the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona in support of the Blue Water Resort and Casino (BWRC) and Arizona Drag Boat Association Southwest …
        • Published Date: 1/28/2014
  • Housing and Urban Development Department
    • Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Office
      • 2014-01362. Executive Compensation
        • The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is issuing a final rule that sets forth requirements and processes with respect to compensation provided to executive officers by the Federal National Mortgage Association, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage …
        • Published Date: 1/28/2014

4. Presidential Document

5. Significant Document