65 FR 83010 00-33367. Environmental Impact Statements; Notice of Availability  

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    Responsible Agency: Office of FederalActivities, General Information (202)564-7157 or www.epa.gov/oeca/ofa

    Weekly receipt of Environmental Impact Statements

    Filed December 18, 2000 Through December 22, 2000

    Pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.9.

    EIS No. 000456, DRAFT EIS, AFS, AK, CholmondeleyTimber Sales, Implementation, Harvesting Timber,Tongass Forest Plan, Tongass National Forest,Craig Ranger District, West of Ketchikan and South of Prince of Wales Island, AK, Due:February 19, 2001, Contact: Dale Kanen (907)826-3271.

    EIS No. 000457, DRAFT EIS, NPS, TX, Fort DavisNational Historic Site, General Management Plan,Implementation, Fort Davis, TX, Due: March 05,2001, Contact: Jerry R. Yarbrough (915) 426-3225.

    EIS No. 000458, FINAL EIS, AFS, WY, Bridger-TetonNational Forest, Oil and Gas Leasing in Management Areas: 21-Hoback Basin; 45 MoccasinBasin; 71 Union Pass and 72 Upper Basin River,Fremont, Sublette and Teton Counties, WY, Due:February 28, 2001, Contact: Richard Anderson(307) 739-5558.

    EIS No. 000459, DRAFT EIS, IBR, CA, GrasslandBypass Project (2001 Use Agreement), To Implement the New Use Agreement for the period from October 1, 2001 through December 21, 2009, San JoaquinRiver and Merced River, Fresno, Merced and Stanislaus Counties, CA, Due: February 27, 2001,Contact: Michael Delamore (559) 487-5039.

    EIS No. 000460, DRAFT EIS, GSA, OR, Eugene/Springfield New Federal Courthouse,Construction, Lane County, OR, Due: October 30,2000, Contact: Michael Levine (253) 931-7263.

    Due to an Administrative Error by the U.S. General Services Administration, the above Draft EIS was not properly filed with the U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency. GSA has confirmed that distribution of the DEIS was made available to all federal agencies and interested parties for the 45-day review period. For further information contact Mr. Michael Levine at (253)931-7263.

    EIS No. 000461, FINAL EIS, GSA, OR, Eugene/Springfield New Federal Courthouse,Construction, Lane County, OR, Due: January 29,2001, Contact: Michael Levine (253) 931-7263.

    EIS No. 000462, DRAFT SUPPLEMENT, IBR, CA, SanJoaquin River Agreement Project, Updated and NewInformation, The Acquisition of Additional Water for Meeting the San Joaquin River Agreement FlowObjectives, 2001-2010, Vernalis AdaptiveManagement Plan (VAMP), Mariposa, Merced, SanJoaquin and Stanislaus Counties, CA, Due:February 12, 2001, Contact: John Burke (916)978-5556.

    EIS No. 000463, DRAFT SUPPLEMENT, FHW, IL, FAPRoute 340 (I-355 South Extension), InterstateRout 55 to Interstate Route 80, AdditionalInformation for the Tollroad/Freeway Alternative,Funding, US Coast Guard Permit and COE Section 404 Permit, Cook, DuPage and Will Counties, IL,Due: February 28, 2001, Contact: Jon-Paul Kohler(217) 492-4988.

    EIS No. 000464, DRAFT EIS, NOA, WA, AnadromousFish Agreements and Habitat Conservation Plans for the Wells, Rocky Reach, and Rock IslandHydroelectric Projects, Implementation, IncidentalTake Permits, Chelan and Douglas Counties, WA,Due: February 19, 2001, Contact: Bob Dach (503)736-4734.

    Amended Notices Back to Top

    EIS No. 000429, FINAL EIS, AFS, ID, BrownleeVegetation and Access Management Project,Implementation, Weiser Ranger District, PayetteNational Forest, Washington County, ID , Due:January 22, 2001, Contact: John Baglien (208)549-4200.Revision of FR notice published on 12/15/2000: CEQ Comment Date has been Extended from 01/16/2001 to 01/22/2001.

    EIS No. 000445, FINAL EIS, AFS, WA, ID, OR, MT, Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem ManagementProjects, Updated and New Information on ThreeManagement Alternatives, Implementation, WA, OR,ID and MT, Due: January 16, 2001, Contact: SusanGiannettino (208) 334-1770.Published FR 12-15-00 Correction to Title.

    Dated: December 26, 2000.

    B. Katherine Biggs,

    Associate Director, NEPA Compliance Division,Office of Federal Activities.

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