2018-09909. Proposed Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request  

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    Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).


    Notice of information collection and request for comment.


    Under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA) and its implementing regulations, FRA is informing the public that FRA has made five proposed revisions to the Quarterly Positive Train Control (PTC) Progress Report Form (Form FRA F 6180.165) and Annual PTC Progress Report Form (Form FRA F 6180.166), which the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) previously approved on August 15, 2017, under its regular processing procedures. Before submitting this revised information collection request (ICR) to OMB for regular clearance and approval, FRA is soliciting public comment on specific aspects of the proposed ICR.


    Interested persons are invited to submit comments on or before July 9, 2018.


    Submit written comments on the ICR activities by mail to either: Mr. Robert Brogan, Information Collection Clearance Officer, Office of Railroad Safety, Regulatory Analysis Division, RRS-21, Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Room W33-497, Washington, DC 20590; or Ms. Kim Toone, Information Collection Clearance Officer, Office of Information Technology, RAD-20, Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Room W34-212, Washington, DC 20590. Commenters requesting FRA to acknowledge receipt of their respective comments must include a self-addressed stamped postcard stating, “Comments on OMB Control Number 2130-0553,” and Start Printed Page 21816should also include the title of the ICR. Alternatively, comments may be faxed to (202) 493-6216 or (202) 493-6497, or emailed to Mr. Brogan at Robert.Brogan@dot.gov, or Ms. Toone at Kim.Toone@dot.gov. Please refer to the assigned OMB control number in any correspondence submitted. FRA will summarize comments received in response to this notice in a subsequent notice and include them in its information collection submission to OMB for approval.

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    Mr. Robert Brogan, Information Collection Clearance Officer, Office of Railroad Safety, Regulatory Analysis Division, RRS-21, Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Room W33-497, Washington, DC 20590 (telephone: (202) 493-6292); or Ms. Kim Toone, Information Collection Clearance Officer, Office of Information Technology, RAD-20, Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Room W34-212, Washington, DC 20590 (telephone: (202) 493-6132).

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    The PRA, 44 U.S.C. 3501-3520, and its implementing regulations, 5 CFR part 1320, require Federal agencies to provide 60-days' notice to the public to allow comment on information collection activities before seeking OMB approval of the activities. See 44 U.S.C. 3506, 3507; 5 CFR 1320.8-12.

    Specifically, FRA invites interested parties to comment on the following ICR regarding: (1) Whether the information collection activities are necessary for FRA to properly execute its functions, including whether the activities will have practical utility; (2) the accuracy of FRA's estimates of the burden of the information collection activities, including the validity of the methodology and assumptions used to determine the estimates; (3) ways for FRA to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information being collected; and (4) ways for FRA to minimize the burden of information collection activities on the public, including the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology. See 44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A); 5 CFR 1320.8(d)(1).

    FRA believes that soliciting public comment will promote its efforts to reduce the administrative and paperwork burdens associated with the collection of information that Federal regulations mandate. In summary, FRA reasons that comments received will advance three objectives: (1) Reduce reporting burdens; (2) organize information collection requirements in a “user-friendly” format to improve the use of such information; and (3) accurately assess the resources expended to retrieve and produce information requested. See 44 U.S.C. 3501.

    II. Background on the Quarterly and Annual PTC Reporting Requirements

    Under the Positive Train Control Enforcement and Implementation Act of 2015 (PTCEI Act), each railroad subject to 49 U.S.C. 20157(a) must submit an annual progress report to FRA by March 31, 2016, and annually thereafter, until PTC system implementation is completed. 49 U.S.C. 20157(c)(1). The PTCEI Act specifically requires each railroad to provide certain information in the annual reports regarding its progress toward implementing a PTC system, in addition to any other information FRA requests. See id. In addition, 49 U.S.C. 20157(c)(2) requires FRA to conduct compliance reviews at least annually to ensure each railroad is complying with its revised PTC Implementation Plan (PTCIP), including any FRA-approved amendments. The PTCEI Act requires railroads to provide information to FRA that FRA determines is necessary to adequately conduct such compliance reviews. 49 U.S.C. 20157(c)(2).

    Under its statutory and regulatory investigative authorities, FRA currently requires, and seeks to continue requiring, each subject railroad to submit Quarterly PTC Progress Reports (Form FRA F 6180.165) and Annual PTC Progress Reports (Form FRA F 6180.166) on its PTC system implementation progress. See 49 U.S.C. 20157(c)(1)-(2); see also 49 U.S.C. 20107; 49 CFR 236.1009(h).

    Specifically, in addition to the Annual PTC Progress Report (Form FRA F 6180.166) due each March 31 under 49 U.S.C. 20157(c)(1), railroads must provide quarterly progress reports covering the preceding three-month period and submit the forms to FRA on the dates in the following table until full PTC system implementation is completed:

    Coverage periodDue dates for quarterly reports
    Q1January 1-March 31April 30.
    Q2April 1-June 30July 31.
    Q3July 1-September 30October 31.
    Q4October 1-December 31January 31.

    Each railroad must submit its Quarterly PTC Progress Reports on Form FRA F 6180.165 and its Annual PTC Progress Reports on Form FRA F 6180.166 on FRA's Secure Information Repository at https://sir.fra.dot.gov.

    II. Proposed Revisions to the Quarterly and Annual PTC Progress Report Forms

    On August 15, 2017, OMB approved the Quarterly PTC Progress Report (Form FRA F 6180.165) and Annual PTC Progress Report (Form FRA F 6180.166) for a period of one year, expiring on August 31, 2018. The current Quarterly PTC Progress Report Form and Annual PTC Progress Report Form, as approved through August 31, 2018, can be accessed and downloaded in FRA's eLibrary at: https://www.fra.dot.gov/​eLib/​details/​L17365 and https://www.fra.dot.gov/​eLib/​details/​L17366, respectively. These versions of the forms took into account the Association of American Railroads' written comments on behalf of itself and its member railroads; the American Public Transportation Association's written comments on behalf of Northeast Illinois Commuter Rail System, the Utah Transit Authority, the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority; and industry stakeholders' comments during FRA's public meeting on April 19, 2016. FRA published minutes from the meeting on www.regulations.gov under Docket No. FRA-2016-0002. For a summary of the oral and written comments and FRA's responses to the comments, please see 81 FR 28140, May 9, 2016.

    Following the 60-day public comment period after this notice is published, FRA will request OMB's re-approval of the forms, with the five changes described below. First, in Section 1 of the Quarterly PTC Progress Report Form (FRA F 6180.165), FRA proposes revising the row “Territories Where Revenue Service Demonstration Has Start Printed Page 21817Been Initiated” to state “Territories in Revenue Service Demonstration or in PTC Operation” for clarity, based on additional feedback from the industry following OMB's approval of the form on August 15, 2017. FRA intended this row to include any and all territories where a railroad had initiated revenue service demonstration (RSD), even if a railroad subsequently obtained PTC System Certification from FRA and is operating its PTC system in revenue service. The purpose of this row is to collect information regarding a railroad's progress toward meeting the statutory criteria under 49 U.S.C. 20157(a)(3)(B)(vi)-(vii), if applicable. Based on feedback from the industry, FRA proposes clarifying the language in this row in Section 1 so railroads understand that a railroad can include in this row the number of territories where its PTC system is in RSD or in operation. This proposed change does not result in any additional reporting burden as it is only a clarifying change.

    Second, in footnotes 4 and 6 of the Quarterly PTC Progress Report Form (FRA F 6180.165), FRA proposes adding a hyperlink to Appendix A. The footnotes currently state: “If a particular category listed in this table does not apply to the railroad's technology, please indicate `N/A.' A railroad may add categories or subcategories if it wants to provide more detail.” FRA proposes adding the phrase “in Appendix A” to the second sentence with a hyperlink to that appendix to the form, as it will help direct railroads to the available section of the PDF where they can provide additional information. A hyperlink to Appendix A was in the corresponding footnotes in the prior version of the Quarterly PTC Progress Report Form that OMB approved through June 30, 2017, but the hyperlink was omitted in error from the current version of the form. This proposed change (i.e., adding a hyperlink to an existing appendix) does not result in any additional reporting burden as it is only a formatting change.

    Third, in Section 4 (entitled “Installation/Track Segment Progress—Current Status”) of both the quarterly form and the annual form, FRA proposes replacing the “Testing” option in the drop-down menu with two more precise options—i.e., “Field Testing” and “Revenue Service Demonstration.” This modification will help ensure clearer and more accurate reporting, without imposing an additional reporting burden.

    Fourth, with respect to only the Annual PTC Progress Report Form (FRA F 6180.166), FRA proposes to delete a now inapplicable instruction from footnote 7 in Section 4, which stated,

    Please note: For the Annual PTC Progress Report due by March 31, 2017, this mandatory geographic requirement (that must be satisfied by either completing Column 5 in Section 4 or submitting a GIS shapefile as described above) is due to FRA by April 30, 2017. Every other part of this form must be completed and submitted to FRA by March 31, 2017. This limited extension applies only in 2017.

    FRA delayed the due date for submitting that specific information in 2017 only, per OMB's request, to ensure railroads had sufficient time to compile and provide the information. FRA proposes removing that note from footnote 7 as it is no longer applicable or necessary. By statute, a railroad's Annual PTC Progress Report is due by March 31st each year. 49 U.S.C. 20157(c)(1).

    Fifth, with respect to both the quarterly form and the annual form, FRA proposes making certain changes to Section 6 (entitled “Update on Interoperability Progress”). FRA proposes removing the portion of the instruction that states a host railroad must provide information about the status of each tenant railroad's rolling stock “if the tenant does not have a separate PTCIP on file.” FRA proposes removing this limiting instruction because FRA needs to know the PTC implementation status of any tenant railroad that operates on the host railroad's property, except any tenant railroad that is subject to an exception under 49 CFR 236.1006(b). In addition, before the final column in the table in Section 6, FRA proposes adding a column entitled, “Scheduled Completion Date for Interoperability Testing.” This information is necessary for FRA to understand the progress a host railroad and each of its required tenant railroads are jointly making toward testing and achieving PTC system interoperability, consistent with host railroad's PTC Implementation Plan and/or PTC Safety Plan. FRA estimates the additional burden for a host railroad to complete this new reporting requirement would be, on average, approximately 2.5 hours for Class I railroads and large passenger railroads; 1.25 hours for Class II and medium passenger railroads; and thirty minutes for Class III, terminal, and small passenger railroads.

    III. Overview of Information Collection

    The associated collection of information is summarized below. FRA will submit this information collection request to OMB for regular clearance as required by the PRA.

    Titles: Quarterly Positive Train Control Progress Report and Annual Positive Train Control Progress Report.

    OMB Control Number: 2130-0553.

    Form Number(s): FRA F 6180.165 and FRA F 6180.166.

    Affected Public: Businesses.

    Frequency of Submission: On occasion.

    Respondent Universe: 41 Railroad Carriers.

    Reporting Burden:

    Quarterly PTC progress reportRespondent universeTotal annual responsesAverage time per response (hours)Total annual burden hours
    Form FRA F 6180.16541 Railroads164 Reports/Forms22.843,746

    FRA notes that the 22.84-hour estimate is an average for all railroads. FRA estimated the quarterly reporting burden is approximately 43 hours for the 11 Class I and large passenger railroads per quarterly form, approximately 28.75 hours for the 11 Class II and medium passenger railroads per quarterly form, and approximately 7.75 hours for the 19 Class III, terminal, and small passenger railroads per quarterly form.

    Annual PTC progress reportRespondent universeTotal annual responsesAverage time per response (hours)Total annual burden hours
    Form FRA F 6180.16641 Railroads41 Reports/Forms39.651,626
    Start Printed Page 21818

    FRA notes that the 39.65-hour estimate is an average for all railroads. FRA estimated the annual reporting burden is approximately 62.5 hours for the 11 Class I and large passenger railroads per annual form, approximately 41.25 hours for the 11 Class II and medium passenger railroads per annual form, and approximately 25.5 hours for the 19 Class III, terminal, and small passenger railroads per annual form.

    Total Estimated Annual Responses for Form FRA F 6180.165: 164.

    Total Estimated Annual Burden for Form FRA F 6180.165: 3,746 hours.

    Total Estimated Annual Responses for Form FRA F 6180.166: 41.

    Total Estimated Annual Burden for Form FRA F 6180.166: 1,625.75.

    Respondent Universe: 41 Railroads.

    Frequency of Submission: On occasion; quarterly; annually.

    Reporting Burden:

    CFR sectionRespondent universeTotal annual responsesAverage time per responseTotal annual burden hours
    Form FRA F 6180.166—Annual PTC Progress Report Form41 railroads41 reports/forms39.65 hours1,626
    Form FRA F 6180.165—Quarterly PTC Progress Report Form41 railroads164 reports/forms22.84 hours3,746
    234.275—Processor-based systems—Railroad letter explaining deviations of a product from requirements38 railroads25 letters4 hours100
    235.6—Expedited application for approval of certain signal system changes described in this section38 railroads500 expedited applications5 hours2,500
    —Copy of expedited application to labor union38 railroads500 copies30 minutes250
    —Railroad rescindment letter of request for expedited application of certain signal system changes38 railroads25 letters6 hours150
    —Revised application for certain signal system changes38 railroads13 applications5 hours65
    —Copy of railroad revised application to labor union38 railroads13 copies30 minutes7
    236.15—Designation of automatic block, traffic control, train stop, train control, cab signal, or PTC territory in timetable instructions38 railroads13 timetable instructions60 minutes7
    236.18—Software Management Control Plan, New Railroads5 railroads1 plan2,150 hours2,150
    —Subsequent years: Updated plans90 railroads20 updated plans1.50 hours30
    236.905—Railroad Safety Program Plan (RSPP), New Railroads5 railroads1 RSPP135 hours135
    —FRA request for additional information78 railroads1 document135 hours135
    —Railroad request to modify RSPP78 railroads1 request for amendment400 hours400
    236.907-909—Railroad petition for review and approval of Product Safety Plan (PSP)5 railroads2 petitions/reviews19,200 hours19,200
    —Railroad sensitivity analysis supporting railroad risk assessment5 railroads5 analyses160 hours800
    236.913—Filing and approval of joint PSP6 railroads1 joint plan25,600 hours25,600
    —Informational filing/petition for special approval6 railroads6 filings/approval petitions1,928 hours11,568
    —FRA request for further data after informational filing6 railroads2 data calls/documents800 hours1,600
    —FRA request for further information within 15 days after receipt of Notice of Product Development6 railroads6 data calls/documents16 hours96
    —Technical consultation by FRA with railroad on design and planned development of product6 railroads6 consultations120 hours720
    —Railroad Petition to FRA for final approval6 railroads6 petitions16 hours96
    —Comments to FRA on railroad informational filing or special approval petitionPublic/railroad community7 comments/letters240 hours1,680
    —Railroad amendment to PSP6 railroads15 amendments160 hours2,400
    —Railroad field testing/informational filing document6 railroads6 field tests/documents3,200 hours19,200
    236.917—Railroad retention of records: results of tests & inspections specified in PSP6 railroads3 procedures160,000 hours/160,000 hours/40,000 hours360,000
    —Railroad report that frequency of safety relevant hazards exceeds threshold set forth in PSP6 railroads1 report104 hours104
    236.919—Railroad Operations and Maintenance Manual (OMM)6 railroads6 OMM updates40 hours240
    —Plans for proper maintenance, repair, inspection, and testing of safety critical products6 railroads6 plans53,335 hours320,010
    —Documented hardware, software, & firmware revisions in OMM6 railroads6 revisions6,440 hours38,640
    236.921—Training & qualification program6 railroads6 programs400 hours2,400
    —Trained signalmen & dispatchers6 railroads300 trained signalmen + 20 tr. dispatchers40 hours + 20 hours12,400
    236.923—Railroad Task analysis6 railroads6 analyses/documents720 hours4,320
    —Railroad records designating other qualified persons6 railroads350 records10 minutes58
    236.1001—Railroad additional or more stringent PTC rules and other special instructions than prescribed under this section38 railroads3 rules or instructions80 hours240
    236.1005—Railroad request for relief in PTCIP or RFA to implement PTC system based on minimal quantity of PIH materials traffic38 railroads3 relief requests64 hours192
    —Railroad request to temporarily reroute trains equipped with PTC onto tracks not equipped with PTC systems and vice versa38 railroads47 requests8 hours376
    —Written or telephonic notice to FRA Regional Administrator of conditions necessitating emergency rerouting38 railroads47 written or telephonic notices2 hours94
    —Planned maintenance: temporary rerouting requests38 railroads720 requests8 hours5,760
    Start Printed Page 21819
    —Request to FRA for temporary rerouting exceeding 30 days38 railroads361 requests8 hours2,888
    236.1006—Equipping locomotives operating in PTC territory—Class II or III railroad progress reports for equipping locomotives with onboard apparatus for movements exceeding 20 mph38 railroads35 reports16 hours560
    236.1007—HSR-125 document accompanying railroad PTC Safety Plan (PTCSP) for host railroads conducting freight or passenger operations at more than 125 mph38 railroads3 HSR-125 documents3,200 hours9,600
    —Railroad request to use foreign service data before submittal of PTCSP38 railroads2 data requests8,000 hours16,000
    —Submission of PTCSP with HSR-125 document by host railroad conducting freight or passenger operations at more than 150 mph38 railroads3 PTCSPs with HSR-125 documents3,200 hours9,600
    —Railroad request in PTCSP that FRA excuse compliance with one or more of this section's requirements38 railroads1 request1,000 hours1,000
    236.1009—Railroad filing PTCIP with FRA for a main line track segment requiring PTC system implementation or request for amendment (RFA) to its PTCIP for initiating a new category of service or materially modifying one or more railroad lines requiring a PTC system38 railroads1 PTCIP + 20 RFAs535 hours + 320 hours6,935
    —Host railroad filing unmodified Type Approval with FRA38 railroads2 documents8 hours16
    —PTC Development Plan (PTCDP) requesting Type Approval for PTC system or request to modify previous Type Approval with one or more variances38 railroads20 cover letters + 20 modified Type Approvals + 2 PTCDPs8 hours + 1,600 hours + 6,400 hours44,960
    —PTCSP or PTCDP translated from foreign language into English38 railroads1 document8,000 hours8,000
    —Railroad request for confidentiality for a filing38 railroads38 cover letters + 38 confidentiality requests8 hours + 800 hours30,704
    —Railroad field testing or independent assessment undertaken at FRA request for Type Approval or PTC System Certification38 railroads190 field tests + 2 assessments800 hours153,600
    —Access interviews with railroad personnel associated with Type Approval or PTC System Certification and to determine compliance with this subpart38 railroads76 interviews30 minutes38
    —Additional information to FRA on PTCDP and PTCSP38 railroads8 documents400 hours3,200
    236.1011—PTCIP and public comment on PTCIPs, PTCDPs, and PTCSPs38 railroads1 PTCIP + 40 public comments143 hours + 8 hours400
    236.1015—PTCSPs—Non-vital overlay38 railroads3 PTCSPs16,000 hours48,000
    —Vital overlay38 railroads28 PTCSPs22,400 hours627,200
    —Stand-alone38 railroads1 PTCSP32,000 hours32,000
    —Railroad conference with FRA on mixed systems38 railroads3 conferences32 hours96
    —PTCSP for Mixed System38 railroads1 PTCSP28,800 hours28,800
    —Railroad provision of additional information to FRA upon request38 railroads19 documents3,200 hours60,800
    —PTCSP replacing existing certified PTC system38 railroads19 PTCSPs3,200 hours60,800
    —Non-quantitative risk assessment to FRA38 railroads19 assessments3,200 hours60,800
    236.1017—Third Party Assessment38 railroads1 assessment8,000 hours8,000
    —Host railroad written request to FRA to confirm whether a specific entity is independent38 railroads1 written request8 hours8
    —Further information provided to FRA upon request38 railroads1 additional document160 hours160
    —Waiver request regarding production of documents required for third party assessment38 railroads1 waiver request160 hours160
    —Request for FRA to accept certified information from a foreign railroad regulatory entity38 railroads1 request32 hours32
    236.1019—Main line track exception addendum38 railroads36 MTEAs160 hours5,760
    —Intercity commuter or passenger line track exception addendum38 railroads19 MTEAs160 hours3,040
    —Limited operation exception: railroad risk mitigation plan38 railroads19 plans160 hours3,040
    —Limited operation exception: railroad collision hazard analysis to FRA38 railroads12 analyses1,600 hours19,200
    —Temporal separation procedures38 railroads11 procedures160 hours1,760
    236.1021—Request for amendment (RFA) to railroad PTCIP/PTCDP/PTCSP38 railroads19 RFAs160 hours3,040
    —Review and comment on RFA by interested parties7 Interested parties7 reviews + 20 public comments3 hours + 16 hours341
    236.1023—Railroad PTC Product Vendor List38 railroads38 lists8 hours304
    —Railroad procedures for action to applicable vendor upon notification of a safety-critical failure, upgrade, patch, revision, replacement, or modification to PTC system38 railroads38 procedures16 hours608
    —Railroad notification to vendor and FRA of failure, malfunction, or defective condition that decreased or eliminated safety functionality of PTC product38 railroads142 notifications16 hours2,272
    —Notification updates38 railroads142 notice updates16 hours2,272
    Start Printed Page 21820
    —Railroad and vendor report to FRA of results of investigation of accident or service difficulty related to PTC system or product because of a manufacturing or design defect38 railroads5 reports400 hours2,000
    —PTC supplier or vendor report of PTC system or product safety-relevant failures, defective conditions, previously unidentified hazards, and recommended mitigation actions38 railroads142 reports + 142 report copies16 hours + 8 hours3,408
    236.1029—PTC System Use: Report of en route failure38 railroads836 reports96 hours80,256
    —Railroad submission to FRA of Order of Particular Applicability for approval38 railroads1 order3,200 hours3,200
    —Railroad notice to FRA regional office of planned disabling of PTC system at least 7 days in advance and a contemporaneous notice of unplanned temporary disabling38 railroads76 notices + 114 unplanned notices10 hours1,900
    236.1031—Railroad Request for Expedited Certification (REC)38 railroads3 REC letters160 hours480
    —Railroad PTC system request to FRA for grandfathering of previously approved train control system38 railroads3 requests1,600 hours4,800
    236.1035—Railroad request for approval to conduct field testing of uncertified PTC system with provision of required documents38 railroads190 requests800 hours152,000
    —Railroad request to FRA for regulatory relief from certain requirements of 49 part 23638 railroads38 requests320 hours12,160
    236.1037—Records Retention—Results of inspections and tests specified in PTCSP and PTCDP38 railroads836 records4 hours3,344
    —Records on testing, maintenance, or operation of PTC system38 railroads18,240 records30 minutes9,120
    —Railroad report of frequency of safety-relevant hazards exceeding threshold set forth in PTCSP or PTCDP38 railroads4 reports8 hours32
    —Railroad final report to FRA on results of analysis and countermeasures to reduce the frequency of safety-related hazards38 railroads4 final reports160 hours640
    236.1039—Railroad development and/or update of PTC Operations and Maintenance Manual (OMM)38 railroads38 OMM updates250 hours9,500
    —Railroad identification of PTC safety-critical components38 railroads114,000 I.D.s1 hour114,000
    —OMM-designated PTC officer responsible for scheduled service interruptions38 railroads76 designated officers2 hours152
    236.1041—PTC Training & Qualification Program38 railroads38 programs400 hours15,200
    236.1043—Regular & periodic evaluations of PTC training program38 railroads38 regular & periodic evaluations720 hours27,360
    —Training records38 railroads560 records10 minutes93
    236.1045—PTC Training of Office Control Personnel38 railroads32 trained personnel20 hours640
    236.1047—PTC Training of Operating Personnel38 railroads7,600 trained personnel3 hours22,800

    Total Estimated Annual Responses: 147,526.

    Total Estimated Annual Burden: 2,728,528 hours.

    Under 44 U.S.C. 3507(a) and 5 CFR 1320.5(b), 1320.8(b)(3)(vi), FRA informs all interested parties that it may not conduct or sponsor, and a respondent is not required to respond to, a collection of information unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number.

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    Authority: 44 U.S.C. 3501-3520.

    End Authority Start Signature

    Brett Andrew Jortland,

    Acting Deputy Chief Counsel.

    End Signature End Supplemental Information

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