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    Upon Written Request, Copies Available From: Securities and Exchange Commission, Office of FOIA Services, 100 F Street NE, Washington, DC 20549-2736


    Rule 17Ad-10, SEC File No. 270-265, OMB Control No. 3235-0273

    Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (“PRA”) (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.), the Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) is soliciting comments on the existing collection of information provided for in Rule 17Ad-10, (17 CFR 240.17Ad-10), under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U.S.C. 78a et seq.). The Commission plans to submit this existing collection of information to the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) for extension and approval.

    Rule 17Ad-10 generally requires registered transfer agents to: (1) Create and maintain current and accurate securityholder records; (2) promptly and accurately record all transfers, purchases, redemptions, and issuances, and notify their appropriate regulatory agency if they are unable to do so; (3) exercise diligent and continuous attention in resolving record inaccuracies; (4) disclose to the issuers for whom they perform transfer agent functions and to their appropriate regulatory agency information regarding record inaccuracies; (5) buy-in certain record inaccuracies that result in a physical over issuance of securities; and (6) communicate with other transfer agents related to the same issuer. These requirements assist in the creation and maintenance of accurate securityholder records, enhance the ability to research errors, and ensure the transfer agent is aware of the number of securities that are properly authorized by the issuer, thereby avoiding over issuance.

    The rule also has specific recordkeeping requirements. It requires registered transfer agents to retain certificate detail that has been deleted for six years and keep current an accurate record of the number of shares or principal dollar amount of debt securities that the issuer has authorized to be outstanding. These mandatory requirements ensure accurate securityholder records and assist the Commission and other regulatory agencies with monitoring transfer agents and ensuring compliance with the rule. This rule does not involve the collection of confidential information.

    There are approximately 333 registered transfer agents. We estimate that the average number of hours necessary for each transfer agent to comply with Rule 17Ad-10 is approximately 80 hours per year, which generates an industry-wide annual burden of 26,640 hours (333 times 80 hours). This burden is primarily of a recordkeeping nature but also includes a small amount of third party disclosure. At an average staff cost of $50 per hour, the industry-wide internal labor cost of compliance (a monetization of the burden hours) is approximately $1,332,000 per year (26,640 × $50). In addition, we estimate that each transfer agent will incur an annual external cost burden of $18,000 resulting from the collection of information. Therefore, the total annual external cost on the entire transfer agent industry is approximately $5,994,000 ($18,000 times 333). This cost primarily reflects ongoing computer operations and maintenance associated with generating, maintaining, and disclosing or providing certain information required by the rule.

    The amount of time any particular transfer agent will devote to Rule 17Ad-10 compliance will vary according to the size and scope of the transfer agent's business activity. We note, however, that at least some of the records, processes, and communications required by Rule 17Ad-10 would likely be maintained, generated, and used for transfer agent business purposes even without the rule.

    Written comments are invited on: (a) Whether the proposed collection of information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of the Commission, including whether the information shall have practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the Commission's estimates of the burden of the proposed collection of information; (c) ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information collected; and (d) ways to minimize the burden of the collection of information on respondents, including through the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology. Consideration will be given to comments and suggestions submitted in writing within 60 days of this publication.

    An agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of information under the PRA unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number.

    Please direct your written comments to: Charles Riddle, Acting Director/Chief Information Officer, Securities and Exchange Commission, c/o Candace Kenner, 100 F Street NE, Washington, DC 20549, or send an email to: PRA_Mailbox@sec.gov.

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