84 FR (08/13/2019) Book View

1. Notice

2. Proposed Rule

  • Energy Department
  • General Services Administration
    • 2019-17210. Federal Management Regulation (FMR); Utility Services
      • GSA is proposing to amend the Federal Management Regulation part regarding utility services. The rule clarifies the authority an agency must have in order to procure utility services and describes in detail agencies' responsibilities concerning the...
      • Due of Comment: 10/15/2019 Published Date: 8/13/2019
  • Health and Human Services Department
    • Children and Families Administration
      • 2019-17024. Head Start Designation Renewal System
        • In this NPRM, we propose changes to two of the seven conditions of the Designation Renewal System for Head Start Grantees (DRS): The condition related to the Classroom Assessment Scoring System: Pre-K (CLASS) and the fiscal condition related to audit...
        • Due of Comment: 9/27/2019 Published Date: 8/13/2019
  • Interior Department
  • Transportation Department
    • Federal Aviation Administration
      • 2019-16608. Airworthiness Directives; Dassault Aviation Airplanes
        • The FAA proposes to adopt a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all Dassault Aviation Model MYSTERE FALCON 50, MYSTERE FALCON 900, and FALCON 900EX airplanes; and Model FALCON 2000 and FALCON 2000EX airplanes. This proposed AD was prompted by a report...
        • Due of Comment: 9/27/2019 Published Date: 8/13/2019

3. Rule