§ 902.30 Applicability.  

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  • (a) This subpart implements section 552(a)(2) of title 5 U.S.C., as amended by 88 Stat. 1561 (1974). It prescribes the rules governing the availability for public inspection and copying of the following:

    (1) Final opinions or orders (including concurring and dissenting opinions, if any) made in the adjudication of cases;

    (2) Statements of policy or interpretations which have been adopted under the authority of the Corporation's enabling act, including statements of policy or interpretation concerning a particular factual situation. If they can reasonably be expected to have precedential value in any case involving a member of the public in a similar situation, and have not been published in theFederal Register.

    (3) Administrative staff manuals or instructions to the staff of the Corporation which affects any member of the public. Included within this category are manuals or instructions which prescribe the manner or performance of any activity by any person. Excepted from this category are staff manuals or instructions to staff concerning internal operating rules, practices, guidelines and procedures for Corporation negotiators and inspectors, the release of which would substantially impair the effective performance of their duties.

    (4) Documents and materials offered for sale under the auspices of the Corporation.

    (5) Any index of materials which is required to be maintained by the Corporation under §902.13.

    (b) Records listed in paragraph (a) of this section, which the Corporation does not make available for public inspection and copying, or that are not indexed as required by §902.13, may not be cited, relied upon, or used as a precedent by the Corporation to adversely affect any person, unless the person against whom it is cited, relied upon, or used, has had actual and timely notice of that material.

    (c) This subpart shall not apply to information published in the  Federal Register  or that is a reasonably described record covered by subpart E of this part.