§ 240.15Ba2-2 Application for registration of non-bank municipal securities dealers whose business is exclusively intrastate.  

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  • (a) An application for registration, pursuant to section 15B(a) of the Act, of a municipal securities dealer who is not subject to the requirements of §240.15Ba2-1, that is filed on or after January 25, 1993, shall be filed with the Central Registration Depository (operated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.) on Form BD in accordance with the instructions contained therein.

    (b) Every applicant shall file with its application for registration a statement that such applicant is filing for registration as an intrastate dealer in accordance with the requirements of this section. Such statement shall be deemed a part of the application for registration.

    (c) If the information contained in any application for registration filed pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, or in any amendment to such application, is or becomes inaccurate for any reason, the dealer shall promptly file with the Central Registration Depository an amendment on Form BD correcting such information.

    (d) Every application or amendment filed with the Central Registration Depository pursuant to this section shall constitute a “report” filed with the Commission within the meaning of Sections 15(b), 15B(c), 17(a), 18(a), 32(a) (15 U.S.C. 78o(b), 78o-4(c), 78q(a), 78r(a), 78ff(a)) and other applicable provisions of the Act.

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