§ 401.34 Submission of project required.  

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  • Any project which may have a substantial effect on the water resources of the Basin, except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section, shall be submitted to the Commission for a determination as to whether the project impairs or conflicts with the Comprehensive Plan, as follows:

    (a) Where the project is subject to review by a state or federal agency which has entered into an Administrative Agreement with the Commission, such project will be referred to the Commission in accordance with the terms of the Administrative Agreement, and appropriate instructions will be prepared and issued by the Executive Director for guidance of project sponsors and applicants.

    (b) Where no other state or federal agency has jurisdiction to review and approve a project, or no Administrative Agreement is in force, the project sponsor shall apply directly to the Commission.

    (c) Any project proposal, which may have a substantial effect on the water resources of the Basin, may be received and reviewed by the staff informally in conference with the project sponsor during the preliminary planning phase to assist the sponsor to develop the project in accordance with the Commission's requirements.

    (d) Whenever a project sponsored by one of the signatory parties, or by any agency, political subdivision or public corporation thereof, has been included in the Water Resources Program in the “A List” classification, the project, to the extent of such inclusion and as described in the Program, shall be deemed approved for the purposes of Section 3.8 of the Compact.

    (e) Whenever a project is subject to review and approval by the Commission under this section, there shall be no substantial construction activity thereon, including related preparation of land, unless and until the project has been approved by the Commission; provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply to the drilling of wells for purposes of obtaining geohydrologic data, nor to in-plant control and pretreatment facilities for pollution abatement.