§ 401.8 Public projects under Article 11 of the Compact.  

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  • (a) After a project of any federal, state or local agency has been included in the Comprehensive Plan, no further action will be required by the Commission or by the agency to satisfy the requirements of Article 11 of the Compact, except as the Comprehensive Plan may be amended or revised pursuant to the Compact and this part. Any project which is changed substantially from the project as described in the Comprehensive Plan will be deemed to be a new and different project for the purposes of Article 11 of the Compact. Whenever a change is made the sponsor shall advise the Executive Director who will determine whether the change is deemed substantial within the meaning of this part.

    (b) Any public project not having a substantial effect on the water resources of the Basin, as defined in subpart C of this part, may proceed without reference to Article 11 of the Compact.