§ 401.82 Authorization to conduct hearings.  

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  • (a) Written requests for hearings. Upon receipt of a written request for a hearing pursuant to this subpart, the Executive Director shall review the record available with regard to the action or decision for which a hearing is requested. Thereafter, the Executive Director shall present the request for a hearing to the Commission for its consideration. The Commission shall grant a request for a hearing pursuant to this subpart if it determines that an adequate record with regard to the action or decision is not available, the contested case involves a determination by the Executive Director or staff which requires further action by the Commission or that the Commission has found that an administrative hearing is necessary or desirable. If the Commission denies any request for a hearing in a contested case, the party seeking such a hearing shall be limited to such remedies as may be provided by the Compact or other applicable law or court rule.

    (b) Commission directed hearings. This subpart shall be applicable to any proceeding which Commission regulation or the Commission directs be conducted in accordance with the provisions, of this subpart.