§ 401.89 Action by the Commission.  

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  • (a) The Commission will act upon the findings and recommendations of the Hearing Officer pursuant to law.

    (b) Commission Counsel shall assist the Commission with its review of the hearing record and the preparation of a Commission decision to the extent directed to do so by the Chairman.

    (c) The determination of the Commission will be in writing and shall be filed together with any transcript of the hearing, report of the Hearing Officer, objections thereto, and all plans, maps, exhibits and other papers, records or documents relating to the hearing. All such records, papers and documents may be examined by any person at the office of the Commission, and shall not be removed therefrom except temporarily upon the written order of the Secretary after the filing of a receipt therefor in form prescribed by the Secretary. Copies of any such records and papers may be made in the office of the Commission by any person, subject to such reasonable safeguards for the protection of the records as the Executive Director may require.